Shanghai Government Scholarship 2024 Fully Funded

Here’s some exciting news – applications are now open for the Shanghai Government Scholarship 2024-25 in China. If you’re an international student, no matter where you’re from, you can apply for these SGS Scholarships 2024. This scholarship covers your expenses for Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD studies in China. Amazingly, 34 Chinese universities are offering this opportunity to bright students like you from all around the world. It’s a chance to study for free during the academic session of 2024-2025. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! The Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS) is a prestigious program that offers financial support to international students who wish to pursue their studies in China. The scholarship is provided by the Shanghai Municipal Government and aims to attract outstanding talents from around the world to study in Shanghai’s renowned universities.

Shanghai Government Scholarship 2024 Details

Level of StudyUndergraduate, Masters, PhD
Institution34 Chinese Universities
Scholarship coverageFully Funded
Study InChina
Time Period4 & 2 Years
Shanghai Government Scholarship Deadline31 March 2024

Shanghai Government Scholarship presents a golden opportunity for international students to pursue higher education in China’s vibrant academic environment. It not only supports academic endeavors but also provides a chance to experience the rich culture and innovation that Shanghai has to offer. Aspiring students are encouraged to thoroughly review the scholarship details provided by the specific universities and submit their applications in a timely manner.

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Types of Scholarships

1. Class A (Full Scholarship) for Master and Doctoral Programs:

  • This scholarship offers complete coverage, including full tuition, extensive medical insurance, on-campus accommodation, and a monthly living allowance. Master’s students receive 3000RMB, while doctoral students receive 3500RMB per month throughout the standard study period.

2. Class B (Partial Scholarship) for Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Programs:

  • Class B provides valuable support, encompassing full tuition and comprehensive medical insurance for the entire regular study period.

3. Undergraduate 1+4 Program Scholarship:

  • This scholarship is exclusively available for Chinese-taught programs. It follows a unique structure, offering a Full Scholarship for the Pre-university Program in the first year. This includes full tuition, comprehensive medical insurance, on-campus accommodation, and a monthly living allowance of 2500RMB. For the subsequent 4-year Bachelor Program, a Partial Scholarship is provided, covering full tuition and comprehensive medical insurance throughout the regular study period.

Scholarship Coverage

The Shanghai Government Scholarship 2024 is a fully-funded scholarship, covering tuition fees, accommodation, and a stipend to support living expenses. The exact details of the coverage may vary, so applicants are encouraged to check the specific terms provided by the participating universities.

  • Full Tuition fee
  • Free Accommodation
    • RMB 700/month for bachelor student
    • RMB 700/month for master student
    • RMB 1000/month for PHD
  • Stipend
    • RMB 2500/month for bachelor student
    • RMB 3000/month for master students
    • RMB 3500/month for PHD
  • Free medical insurance
Program Type Class Type A Type B
Total Tuition Accommodation Living Medical Insurance Total Tuition Medical Insurance
Undergraduate Class 1 59200 20000 8400 30000 800 20800 20000 800
Class 2 62200 23000 8400 30000 800 23800 23000 800
Class 3 66200 27000 8400 30000 800 27800 27000 800
Master Class 1 70200 25000 8400 36000 800 25800 25000 800
Class 2 74200 29000 8400 36000 800 29800 29000 800
Class 3 79200 34000 8400 36000 800 34800 34000 800
PhD Class 1 87800 33000 12000 42000 800 33800 33000 800
Class 2 92800 38000 12000 42000 800 38800 38000 800
Class 3 99800 45000 12000 42000 800 45800 45000 800

List of Universities in Shanghai Government Scholarship

No.UniversitiesWeb Site
1Fudan University
2Shanghai Jiao Tong University
3Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine
4Tongji University
5East China Normal University
6East China University of Science and Technology
7Shanghai International Studies University
8Donghua University
9Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
10Shanghai University
11University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
12Shanghai Maritime University
13Shanghai Conservatory of Music
14Shanghai Theatre Academy
15Shanghai University of Sport
16East China University of Political Science and Law
17Shanghai Ocean University
18Shanghai University of Electric Power
19Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
20Shanghai Normal University
21Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
22Shanghai university of Engineering Science
23Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance
24Shanghai Polytechnic University
25Shanghai Dianji University
26Shanghai Institute of Technology
27Shanghai Business School
28Shanghai University of Political Science and Law
29Sanda University
30Shanghai Jian Qiao University
31Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Sciences
32NYU Shanghai
33China Europe International Business School
34Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be international students, not holding Chinese citizenship.
  • Candidates should be in good health.
  • Educational background and age requirements vary based on the level of the desired program (Undergraduate, Masters, or PhD).
  • Language Proficiency
  • Age
    • 25 years for undergraduate
    • 35 years for masters
    • 40 years for PhD
  • Applicants should have not received any other Chinese scholarship

Required Documents

  • Copies of all transcripts
  • Passport copy
  • CV
  • Attested copies of degree of SGS
  • Medical Certificate
  • Blood Report copy
  • Acceptance letter
  • Chinese or English language certificate
  • One of the following documents:
    • Study plan/proposal
    • Research plan
    • Letter of intent/Statement of purpose
    • Motivation letter
  • Abstract for PhD thesis

Application Deadline

31st March 2024 is the last date to apply for Shanghai government scholarship 2024.

How To Apply For Shanghai Government Scholarship 2024 

  • First of all prepared your all required documents
  • Go to before 31st March 2024.
  • Create account and fill all options.
  • Download application form
  • Then apply at University’s portal that you selected
  • After that download application form mail two sets of documents to university where you have applied.

Official Website

The Official Website of Shanghai Scholarships is:

Official Website

Frequently Asked Questions

The Shanghai Government Scholarship 2024-2025 is a prestigious program offered by the Shanghai Municipal Government in China. It aims to attract outstanding international students to pursue their studies at participating Chinese universities for the academic session 2024-2025. The scholarship is available for various academic levels, including Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD programs.
The Donghua University scholarship in 2024 refers to financial aid provided by Donghua University, which is located in Shanghai, China. This scholarship may include various programs, such as the Shanghai Government Scholarship or other university-specific scholarships, offering support to international students for their education at Donghua University.
The monthly stipend for the Shanghai Government Scholarship varies and is subject to change. The stipend typically covers living expenses, accommodation, and other daily needs. Applicants are advised to check the specific details provided by the participating universities or the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission for the most accurate and updated information.
The ease of obtaining a scholarship in China depends on various factors, including your academic achievements, the competitiveness of the scholarship program, and your ability to meet the eligibility criteria. While some scholarships may be highly competitive, there are numerous opportunities available. Success in obtaining a scholarship often requires thorough research, careful preparation of application materials, and meeting all specified requirements. It's essential to apply to multiple scholarships to increase your chances of securing financial support for your studies in China.

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