Turkey Government Burslari Scholarship 2024 – Fully Funded

Embarking on the educational journey in 2024? Well, the Turkey Government Scholarship is like a golden ticket for students worldwide. It’s not just about money; it’s an invite to dive into Turkey’s cool academic world. Imagine getting support for your studies while soaking up Turkey’s awesome culture. In this blog, we’re going to chat about the Turkey Government Burslari Scholarship in 2024 – your chance to learn lots and experience the coolness of Turkish life. So, let’s dive into what this scholarship is all about!

The Turkey Government Scholarships, also recognized as Türkiye Burslari Scholarships, stand out for their distinctive features. Notably, applicants are not required to provide IELTS exam certification, although proficiency in Turkish or English is valued. Moreover, the application process comes at no cost, making it accessible to all. These scholarships encompass a broad spectrum of subjects at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, presenting a diverse array of educational opportunities for ambitious students.

Turkey Government Scholarship 2024 Details

Level of StudyUndergraduate, Master, PhD
InstitutionTurkey Universities
Scholarship coverageFully Funded
Study InTurkey
Time Period3-6 years
Turkey Government Scholarship DeadlineFebruary 20, 2024

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Scholarship Coverage

  • The Turkey Government Scholarships, also known as Türkiye Scholarships, offer a range of benefits to international students. Some of the key advantages include:
  • Tuition Fee Coverage: The scholarship typically covers the full or partial cost of tuition fees, making education in Turkey more accessible for international students.
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Accommodation Support
  • Health Insurance
  • One-Time Travel Allowance
  • Language Course: For students who do not meet the language proficiency requirements, the scholarship may include a Turkish language course to enhance communication skills.
  • No Requirement for IELTS: Unlike many other scholarship programs, Turkey Government Scholarships often do not require IELTS certification, although proficiency in Turkish or English is beneficial.
  • No Application Fee: The application process for the Turkey Government Scholarships is generally free of charge, making it more accessible for students from different economic backgrounds.

Eligibility Criteria of Turkey Government Burslari Scholarship 2024

  • Nationality:
    • Applicants are typically required to be non-Turkish citizens.
  • Education Level:
    • For undergraduate programs, applicants should have completed secondary education or its equivalent with 75%.
    • For master’s and Ph.D. programs, a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree with at-least 75% is usually required.
    • Aspiring candidates pursuing studies in Health Sciences, encompassing fields like Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy, are expected to demonstrate exceptional academic excellence with a minimum achievement level of 90%.
    • Graduates or those who will graduate at the end of the current academic year (before August 2024).
  • Age Limit:
    • Undergraduate: Under 21 years
    • Master: under 30 years
    • PhD: under 35 years
  • Language Proficiency:
    • Proficiency in Turkish or English may be required, depending on the language of instruction in the chosen program. While IELTS or TOEFL scores are often accepted, some programs may not require these certifications.
  • Health Conditions:
    • Applicants may need to meet certain health requirements, and some scholarships may include medical examinations.
  • Other Requirements:
    • Specific programs or fields of study may have additional requirements or preferences, such as relevant work experience, research proposals, or portfolios.

Fields of Study:

  • The scholarship covers a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts.
  • Applicants can choose from a variety of programs offered by Turkish universities.

Required Documents

Required documents for Government of Turkey Burslari scholarship 2024 are as follows:

  • ID Card/Passport or valid identity card
  • Recent photograph
  • National exam result (if any)
  • All educational transcripts
  • International exam results (if required by your chosen university)
  • TOEFL, DEFL (if required by chosen university)
  • Research Proposal (only for PhD students)

Note: Prospective undergraduate applicants holding international qualifications like SAT or GCSE, in lieu of national exam scores, must furnish the essential credentials necessary for the successful completion of secondary school based on the criteria outlined by these international examinations.

How To Apply For Turkey Government Burslari Scholarship 2024

Just follow following steps to apply:

  • Create your persoanl account on Turkiye Scholarships Application System
  • Fill your personal details
  • Upload all required documents. It will also be beneficial for you to include your extracurricular activities and achievements in different fields.
  • List your dream university and select your desired university
  • Choose your desired program in which you want to study
  • Write an original letter of intent explaining your preferences, expectations and goals for future.
  • After viewing all stages and documents, submit your application

Evaluation and Selection Procedure

Turkiye Government Burslari scholarship 2024 evaluation and selection procedure are as follows:

  • Preliminary Assessment (Check all requirement and eligibility criteria)
  • Expert Evaluation
  • 30-questions quantitative test (click here to check mock test)
  • Interview of selected candidates
  • Final Assessment (After clearing all stages)

Turkey Government Scholarship 2024 Deadline

Deadline of Turkiye Burslari scholarship is 20 February 2024.

Official Website

Official Website

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some universities in Turkey may offer full scholarships, covering tuition fees and sometimes living expenses. These scholarships are often competitive, and eligibility criteria can vary.
GPA requirements for scholarships can also vary. Generally, a higher GPA strengthens your application. Many institutions consider a GPA of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale for eligibility.
Free scholarships are often merit-based and may cover tuition fees or additional expenses. Apply on above mentioned Turkiye Government Burslari Scholarships.
The minimum percentage required after 12th grade for admission to Turkish universities is 75%.
The amount of bank balance required for a student visa in Turkey may vary. It's generally recommended to have enough funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses. Specific requirements can be obtained from the Turkish consulate or embassy.

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